Total Immersion Swimming Course

By | March 13, 2020

As part of the Blackwater Triathlon Club’s commitment to training for our members we run regular training sessions for the various disciplines that make up the triathlon event. On Sunday the 23rd February we held two sessions in the Total Immersion technique of swimming in Fermoy Leisure Centre. The methodology of Total Immersion technique is to help triathletes to swim more efficiently and to learn how use less energy while swimming.  The course was run by Melissa Duncan from The Swim Studio based in Co Laois. Training covered both classroom and pool lessons.  As part of the course each club member was videotaped so all the participants got an individual valuation and critique of their own swim. Members were recorded at the start of day and again at the end of the day to see the improvement in their swimming technique. It was a very interesting and educational day and all the participants greed that they had learned something new and lots of different techniques to practice going forward.