The King of The Hill Kiddathon

By | August 18, 2018

Emily Darrer-Dalton and Orla MacCallum at the Kinsale Kiddathlon

Following the exploits of the adults the day before, the younger members of the Blackwater Triathlon Club had a chance to shine in the King of The Hill Kiddathon on Sunday the 22nd of July. This was a brilliantly organised event and designed to encourage children to take part in the sport of triathlon. It was all about taking part and having fun on the day, so there were no times recorded for the different events for the different age groups. Distances were appropriate for the age groups involved and the children were divided in to groups of 15 for the event, with almost as many wetsuited adults accompanying each wave. It was extremely well marshalled with plenty of friendly happy volunteers ensuring the kids were safe and helping with practical things like tying laces or helmets and managing wetsuit removals. There were 5 children from Blackwater Triathlon Club taking part on the day: Orla MacCallum, Niamh Collins and the three Dalton siblings. Despite the weather, which was a little damp, a fabulous time was had by all.