The Cork City Marathon.

By | June 13, 2019

The Cork City Marathon took place on Sunday the 2nd of June in Cork. There was also a half marathon event available on the day and a team relay race. The Blackwater Triathlon Club was represented in all three events. Bernard ‘Barney’ Kiernan and Dave Bartley both did the marathon, along with over a thousand other athletes on the day . For Barney it was the first time to attempt the distance and he was delighted to finish and get another item off his bucket list. The day was nice and cool for the first 20km or so, but at that point the wind changed and became a little more problematic. There were lots of small hills on the second part of the race that sapped the energy from the runners’ legs as they made their way back to Patrick Street and the finish line. Barney was delighted to turn the corner and see the finish line ahead with his family waiting there for him and cheering him on. He finished his first marathon in 4 hours and 58 minutes, much to the delight of his family. He’s already planning to return next year and aiming to break 4:30!! Well done to Barney and all the other first timers who took part on the day. Also doing the marathon on the day was Dave Bartley who finished in 3:39:40. Dave’s training this year has been more focused on triathlon training and as a result he hadn’t spent quite as long pounding the roads as in previous years. By mile 18 he was feeling the strain and he really suffered for the last 4 miles. Like Barney he was very glad to see the finish line, and he also felt a real sense of achievement and satisfaction as he crossed the finish line. As he said “all the pain runs slowly from your legs and your heart fills with pride”.  Also taking part in the half marathon on the day were Ashleigh Byrne O’Brien and Niamh Fleming. Ashleigh finished in 1:43:55 and Niamh in 2:36:23. Stephen Dalton also ran a couple of legs in the relay race on the day. Well done to all who took part on the day, a great achievement for everyone.