Swimming Exploits.

By | September 23, 2020

While there may not have been many races this year, there have been opportunities for some of our swimmers to show off their skills. On the 10th of August Frank Hallissey took part in the second Galley Head Swim. Over 100 swimmers set off from Long Strand, one of West Cork’s most popular beaches, at 9 o’clock that morning. They hoped to complete the 10km swim and raise much needed funds for two Cork charities, West Cork Underwater Search and Rescue and Marymount Hospice. There were 50 boats, 19 solo swimmers and 21 relay teams involved on the day. Frank was one of the solo swimmers on the day. Conditions were perfect and the swimmers raised over €35,000 for the two charities. Well done to all who took part and organised this amazing event.

Meanwhile, last weekend, two more of our aquatically inclined mambers decided to do a little challenge of their own. Stephen Dalton and Dave Mulcahy swam the river Bride from Tallow Bridge to Camphire Bridge. They completed the 11 kilometers in 3 hours and 10 minutes, accompanied all the way by Stephen’s daughter Molly in a kayak. They had kayaked the route the previous week to check the tide and hazards as the river is tidal 2km from Tallow. Well done to the guys for completing such an epic swim