Saturday Morning Cycles

By | February 20, 2018

While the weekly turbo training sessions are an invaluable training tool during the
winter months, nothing really beats getting out on the road on your bike. Unfortunately
due to short days and inclement weather at this time of the year it’s not always
possible, or indeed safe, to get out on the road. In order to encourage members to get
out on their bikes the Blackwater Triathlon Club organises weekend cycles where
groups of members can get together and head out in one or more groups, depending
on numbers and fitness levels. As is the case in all of the club’s events we aim to cater
for everybody, from the least experienced to the members who virtually live in the
saddle. Each week a number of routes of varying distance and difficulty will be chosen
and a different group will tackle each route. Members can select which group and route
best suits their own particular level. Details of each weekend’s routes will be up on
Whatsapp and Facebook each week. All members are encouraged to take part.