Try-a-Tri Race

NOTE 2017 INFO, 2018 to be decided.

The Try-a-Tri Race 2018: 12th August

This event is sanctioned by Triathlon Ireland – the governing body for triathlons and related events in Ireland. The race therefore complies with well-established rules including safety regulations, race organisation guidelines and provision of third party insurance cover. TI nominated officials will be in attendance. Full details of the TI rules can be found in the Manual of Guidance

Venue Layout and Facilities

 Toilets are located at both Transition and Race Registration.

 Arriving at Transition

Transition will be open from Sat 11am – 1:45pm. Only competitors can access the transition area. The transition area will be neutralised to avoid a situation where competitors will have an advantage depending on location of their bikes (see layout below).

 For the comfort of all competitors, bags and crates are not allowed in the transition area. After you have set up in transition, please leave your bags in allocated area just outside transition. Please exercise courtesy towards your fellow competitors and keep your transition area tidy, not blocking the transition space of another competitor.

 During the Race

Try-a-Tri swim – 250 m

Enter the water at the slip way at the rowing club. Competitors will have a 250 m downstream only swim. Entering the water on the southern side of the river and exiting on the same side as transition.

Try-aTri Distance Bike – 20K 

 The Bike distance in the Sprint Race is a 20K Loop on Public Roads. To view a Video of the route clickhere.

Tri-aTri Distance Run – 6K

The Run route has been changed this year. It is the blue line in the above diagram. The distance in the Sprint Race is a 6k out and back route on Public Roads. This is a 3k run out/back on the same road as the Bike route. At the 3K mark there will be a cone where all competitors must round. This will be attend by Marshalls. Competitors will then run back the same 3K road to the finish line. There will also be a water stop close to the 3K turnaround mark.


Transition 1

Exit water and follow pathway to transition.

 Helmets must be fastened before competitors remove bikes from the racks.

Competitors should exit transition through the Cycle Exit and follow marshals’ directions. Do not mount bike until you exit the transition area and reach the clearly marked mount/ dismount point.

It is advised that competitors wear the race number on the front and back of your racing top. If you are in a relay team or wearing a race belt, please ensure that a number is visible on your back during the cycle and on your front during the run.

 Transition 2

 Dismount the bike at the dismount line when instructed by marshals. Helmets must be fastened before competitors rack the bike.

Exit T2 where indicated for the run exit.

 NB – Roads are open for both the bike and run route. Rules of the roads apply. Any competitor crossing the white line or centre of the road WILL be disqualified.

Competitors deemed to be cycling dangerously or without consideration to others will be disqualified or penalised by race marshals.

 Please obey the Gardai and marshals at all times.


This is a non-drafting race and we will not accept cheating. Full details of the drafting rules can be found in the Triathlon Ireland Manual of Guidance (

Motorbike draft marshals will be on the bike course and the draft Drafting is the term to describe the act of taking shelter behind or beside another competitor or vehicle, within the “Draft Zone” during the cycling segment.

Competitors are not allowed to Draft and all competitors must reject any attempt by others to draft. A competitor who does not clearly avoid violating the drafting rules will receive a time penalty which will be outlined by the race referee at the race briefing.

In brief, the “Draft Zone” is a rectangle surrounding every competitor that is 3 metres wide and extends to 10 metres behind the front wheel of the competitor’s bicycle. The front edge of the front bicycle wheel will define the centre of the leading 3-metre edge of the rectangle.

A competitor may enter the draft zone but must be seen to be making forward progress. A maximum of 15 seconds will be allowed for a competitor to pass through the draft zone.

The draft zone of one competitor may not overlap the draft zone of another competitor.

A competitor is overtaken when the front wheel of another competitor’s bicycle is ahead of theirs. It is then his/her responsibility to drop out of the draft zone, either sideways, or by dropping back.

We look forward to seeing you all there again and welcoming all racers to the event!!